About me:
An image of myself, Hayley Moir, eating sweets whilst refereeing a game of roller derby during a pause in play.

I am currently in my final year of studying Digital Media & Interaction Design, where my interests in the creative and technical sides of technology combined into a passion for product and user experience design.

💖 Lover of:
  • Books
  • Television
  • Coffee
  • Roller Derby
  • Crafts
  • Outdated Tech

Practical Interaction Design Demonstrator – Edinburgh Napier University; September – December 2019 (In person) and 2020 (Remote).

UX Design Intern – Whitespace; June – September 2019.


I enjoy trying new hobbies and giving them up if I'm not good at them immediately. Things that I've managed to stuck with include refereeing roller derby, knitting and coming up with side projects but never finishing them.

I can be reached via email at: