Baxters Website Redesign:
Whitespace Intern
User Experience Design
Problem Statement:
Baxters wanted a full redesign of their website to better reflect their current offerings and whilst highlighting their heritage and culture. The previous website was not responsive and had no mobile version, so we wanted to ensure that customers visiting on mobile (a large percentage in Google Analytics) would also have the best possible experience.
As a UX design intern on this project I was responsible for considering what features and pages the redesign would have and producing a sitemap and full set of wireframes to show this with help from the UX team. I then presented this work to the client and colleagues and was part of the full design process.


The redesign aimed to showcase Baxters' offerings and different product types and ranges and provide all the necessary information about them such as where they can be purchased, nutritional information and dietary requirements. It was important that the site look good on mobile so I used a mobile-first approach whilst producing the wireframes and considering features. It was also important that the site retain a sense of heritage and culture highlighting the company's ingredient sourcing and career options.

A .GIF showing the design stages of the project from before, to wireframes, to final design.
Figure 1: Before and after.


I began by familiarising myself with the existing website and what pages it had and how they related to required features from the brief. I found that there were a number of products listed on the page that were no longer available as well as pages that were outdated and unnecessary. To communicate my findings and recommendations for the pages I produced a sitemap to present to the client as well as my colleagues:

A sitemap showing the proposed structure of the new website.
Figure 2: Redesign sitemap.


Once the sitemap was agreed upon, I was asked to produce a comprehensive set of wireframes to illustrate the content and features necessary in each page. This was the first time that I had produced a series of wireframes at this scale and I was supported by the UX and project team and as a result I gained experience with practices for producing and presenting work within an agency. Shown below is a selection of wireframes from this process for the recipes, product types and individual product pages:

A selection of wireframes for the redesigned website.
Figure 3: Selection of wireframes.


As the project had a limited budget, we made careful decisions about which features would be important to the users and require some extra attention. I felt that it would be important to highlight and address how Baxters meets special dietary requirements such as vegan and gluten free, as this was something they addressed in their physical products but was absent from the original website. This was also reflected within the recipes section of the site where I reconsidered what filters would be useful:

A .GIF showing the original recipe filters, the wireframes for a new version and the filters on the final site.
Figure 4: Recipe filter overview.


User Experience Design: Hayley Moir, UX Design Support: Sam Selbie, Design: Jamie Ford, Development: Jimmy Cook, Account Manager: Jenny Livingstone.

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