Sprout Sustainability App:
University Work
Product Design
Problem Statement:
Update a previous piece of university work over the course of a month to elevate it to a higher standard making it suitable for inclusion within my portfolio, better reflecting my current skill level and abilities.
Sole responsibility for all aspects of the project from branding and design through to creating an interactive prototype.


The chosen project, initially completed in 2018, was to design and test a prototype for an app aiming to encourage sustainable habits and practices among students through gamification.

The original design for the project.
Figure 1: Original design (2018).

I chose to redesign this project as it was one of my first attempts at product and user experience design at university, but I felt that the visuals and overall style of the original piece lacked in comparison to what I am now capable of.

This updated version was made in Figma, rather than Axure like the original project, so that I could have more control over the style of the prototype, whilst using industry standard software.

A .GIF comparing the project before and after redesigning.
Figure 2: Before and after redesigning.


During the initial project I spent more time on the overall user experience and features of the app than on the design and branding. I did not consider the overall feel or style that I wanted before I began to create the prototype and had no documentation to consult. This led to making design decisions without much thought and a disjointed and inconsistent feeling prototype overall.

A .GIF showing the branding document for the project.
Figure 3: Branding Overview

Feedback on the initial project also drew attention to the lack of contrast between text and background colours so I wanted to be considerate of this and other accessibility concerns in the new design. This was achieved by ensuring text colours and font choices were suitable for mobile and had a high enough degree of contrast.

The final design for this project.
Figure 4: Final design.


Using Figma instead of Axure meant that I was more restricted when it came to turning the redesigned app into an interactive prototype because of the limited prototyping features. However, I did not plan to test the redesign with users as I was keeping the same features and functionality present in the original version. Creating a prototype allowed for the new designs to be presented in a clear and logical way. If a more robust prototype was required for testing in future work, InVision could be used in addition to Figma or adapting the design into Axure.

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